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- St. Pope John Paul II - 

Author C.S. Lewis once described a small, yet profound incident from his childhood wherein he happened upon a miniature garden that his brother had constructed in the lid of a biscuit tin. This brief event in which he was “surprised by joy”  left a reverberating impression on his soul - igniting a lifelong desire to seek out Beauty and Joy.


I believe that these little  brushes with beauty are God’s way of awakening in us the desire in our hearts for the joy of eternity in His presence.

And so I paint.

It is my epiphany.

And I hope that others may be surprised by joy also.

Diane Peterson was born and raised in Texas."From a young age" she says, I began exploring various  artistic mediums." As a child, she was first introduced to art by her paternal grandmother.  "My granny loved to paint. She enjoyed creating portraits with her beautiful set of oil paints, and I would often sit and sketch with her in the evenings while we watched TV together. My time spent wth her instilled in me a deep love for creating." 

That artistic passion has remained a driving force throughout her life. She attended the University of Texas at Austin, and received her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Throughout the years, Diane has used her artistic talents to lead a number of different youth art programs and fulfill various volunteering opportunities. Additionally, she spent several years homeschooling her two children. "Our years of being a homeschooling family were some of the best," says Diane. "Creating art together was a big part of our curriculum."


Today, both her children are grown, and she and her husband are empty-nesters.  "When my youngest left home for college, I began to really immerse myself back into the act of creating," says Diane. "I spent time exploring a number of different artistic mediums including sketching, mixed-media, fiber arts and painting. I enjoyed the challenges and rewards that came along with each new material...but in the back of my mind,  I started thinking about oil paints again!"  

In the summer of 2016, Diane, her husband Brennan and their faithful canine companion, Vivianna fulfilled a lifelong dream and left big-city living behind. They purchased five acres of land in the small town of Chappell Hill, Texas. "Our little homestead is perfect for us!" says Diane. "Brennan has a great workshop where he can work on his woodworking and car projects...and at 800 square feet, our beautifully restored 1923 cottage is the perfect size for the two of Vivianna!  But best of all, I now have my own separate studio space!" Situated at the back of the property, nestled between a grove of pecan trees and a stream, Diane has a beautiful cabin space devoted entirely to the art of creativity. 

Although mostly self-taught, Diane has spent time studying under several other professional artists, including Sue Bown, Gina Rayne and Carol Marine. "It has been such a blessing to get to know and work with such talented artists, and truly wonderful people." 

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